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Dan's “Preventive” Eyes

We offer special recognition to Dan for “keeping a watchful eye for things that could cause a quality problem.” Dan noticed that light did not penetrate our new, denser warehouse aisle as it did as it did with our wider aisles. While we were better able to maximize the space, the condensed aisles were darker than previous. Dan recognized that this could cause parts to be picked in error.

Dan's “preventive” eyes, along with his recommendation to maintenance the lights on the stock picker for improved functionality, helped to avoid a non-conformance to a customer. Prevention is one of our three company principals and means anticipating what could possibly go wrong and taking action to avoid it. It is interesting to note also that Dan received back what he gave out. Dan recognized a potential problem and received recognition back. You really do reap what you sow!!

Thank you, Dan, for two lessons we can all learn from.


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