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Weekly Planning

Weekly planning is the single best thing I can do each week to FOCUS on those things that are important to me especially including my relationships. Weekly planning is a process and it involves connecting weekly with my goals for each role in my life. What works for me is to make sure that everything I want to accomplish for the week is either on my “to Do list” or on my calendar before the week starts and that I have adequate time in between appointments to avoid the stress of being late. Prior to planning my week, I make sure I know any tasks, appointments, or events (like Valentines day) that my wife has planned that might involve my support.

My big goal for my role as a "triathlete" is to have a P.R. for my Lake Placid Ironman July 24th. Because the largest time commitment for me is training,

I have set up a standard weekly training plan and placed it on my calendar. I also post it on the family calendar. I try to start early to minimize the impact on others. People often ask me what my training week consist of. I can easily share the following with them:

Monday: 6am bike class; PM pilates routine at home

Tuesday: 5:30am swim, 6:45am strength; pm run 4-6 miles

Wednesday: am bike training session; PM pilates routine at home

Thursday: 5:30am swim, 6:45am Run 4-6 miles; PM strength at home

Friday: off Day stretching, foam rolling, pilates routine

Saturday: am Long Bike Ride 2-6 hours; brick run 1-3 miles

Sunday: am long run 6-20 miles; pilates routine; optional pm swim

Total weekly training: 12-17 hours depending on where I am in the season.

I have learned to be flexible with my training if something comes up or if I have to travel. I can always move things around so that I meet 90% of my weekly training plan.

I do my weekly planning Sunday evening for about 15 minutes. It does not take much time as I am planning daily as well and always looking ahead to avoid obstacles, just like I do on the bike.

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