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“24 days does not make a transformation, but it's the start of a great journey”

I have seen the word “transformation” twice over the past month at two personal development events I attended. Once at the Landmark Forum and once at the Global Leadership summit. To be transformed simply means “to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of”. At Landmark, I discovered that I have untapped power, freedom, and self expression to create new possibilities in my life. As a leader, I want to transform myself so that I can help others to transform as well. At the Global Leadership Summit, Sam Adeyemi, Founder and Sr. Pastor, Daystar christian centre in Nigeria gave a talk titled "Leading from the Inside Out”. He believes, changing people from inside out makes our leaders transformational. Transform people by transforming their heart. Change on the inside must happen first. Sam concluded his talk by saying to leaders "don’t let people hang around you for one year or longer without a transformation in their lives".

The power and freedom to CHOOSE!!

My road to my transformation involves alcohol and my dependency on it. I have been pretending not to have an alcohol problem when in fact I really do have an alcohol problem. I drink 2-3 drinks per night, every night. I think there has only been 1-2 nights in the past six months that I have not had alcohol. Having alcohol for me never means just one. Even though I start at 6pm, I do begin thinking about alcohol earlier and throughout the evening I am thinking about my next drink. The truth is, I really do enjoy alcohol but unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for me to stop once I start. The possibility that I have invented for myself and my life is the possibility of being free from my dependency on alcohol. With that decision comes a host of health benefits not to mention the elimination of my snoring and a healthier me.

So, it’s been 24 days since I have had alcohol. I joke to friends that not drinking alcohol is tougher than my upcoming ironman race in Kona Hawaii. The truth is that it has taken a lot of integrity to be strong especially in those moments of choice. I am changing from the inside out by learning to be more present. It’s my human nature to remember the past and plan the future but when it comes to being alcohol free, the best thing I can do is to be present in the moment. I know there are lots of people that are creating new possibilities by ending something or beginning something new and doing it with integrity. I also know that there are those that don’t know where to start. To those, I would simply ask “where have you been pretending?” and what is a new possibility that you can create for your life? That is where I started 24 days ago!!!

My transformation will be in the form of teaching my book, “From Rust To Trust", to rising leaders. I hope to share this same story that I am sharing with you and inspire these rising leaders to share their story and to create new possibilities in their lives and the lives of others. After all, that’s what leaders do.

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