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Benefits Of Not Drinking Alcohol

What kind of drinker are you? For me, I use to drink everyday but not until dinner time. My problem was that I would not stop until I went to bed 5-6 glasses of wine later. Yes, that’s a bottle. And I drank every night….And I looked forward to my red wine…..Somewhere along the way, I became a heavy drinker. Maybe not an alcoholic but definitely more than a social drinker. And certainly a dependence on alcohol.

When I started the Whole30 (whole100 for me) program January 16, I had to quit drinking alcohol because of the sugar. I am now 45 days into the 100 day program and I am starting to miss alcohol. I began looking for ideas to keep my willpower strong and came across the idea of listing all the benefits to not drinking alcohol. It was very powerful for me so I thought I would share.

1.) I eat better. Reduced cravings.

2.) No Hangover. Feel better in morning.

3.) Weight loss and weight control

4.) Improved sleep

5.) Improved blood pressure (average 12%)

6.) Save money

7.) Decreased liver fat (average 15%)

8.) Improved skin

9.)More productive and with more energy

10.) No more snoring (Confirmed by my wife).

11.) Confidence to accomplish other things. Self-empowered.

12.) Improved memory

13.) Stronger immune system

14.) Decreased blood glucose

15.) Decreased cholesterol (average 5%)

16.) Better performance swimming, biking, running

17.) I feel better physically and feel emotionally good about myself

18.) I can always be the designated driver

My goal is to not drink alcohol for 100 days until May 1st. I know that I will still have cravings for alcohol but I am teaching myself to really observe the cravings. If and when I start back drinking, I plan to limit my alcohol to an occasional glass of wine with dinner. In truth, it may be harder to be a light drinker than to be a non-drinker. For today and the next 8 weeks, not drinking is the ‘one thing’ I can do that has a significant impact on all my roles and relationships especially the role of ‘self’.

“Everything in moderation” is a great motto. Don’t get obsessed with anything and if you do, take action. And observe the many benefits of getting out of your comfort zone.

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