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Peter, Kathy and Katie

Peter, Kathy and Katie

MMRF advertising 2015

Peter exiting the Swim

Peter finishing IRONMAN Lake Placid

Peter falling at Ironman finish line

Race week prep

Ironman Lake Placid Finishers

Peter's Triathlon Bike

Peter's first Ironman finish along with Katie 2005

Mid-Atlantic's value tunnel display for the 7 Habits of highly Effective People

Edited Image 2016-02-15 22-57-51

My Friend Burt doing his 3 hour ride

Kathy, Katie, and Peter at grad school graduation day

Kathy at the New Home Lot

Evelyn and Dick Bloom (Kathy's parents). Dick is the Race walker in the book.

Peter and Jon (my first Ironman coach)

Lucille (Nickie) and Peter My Step Mom

Mid-Atlantic's Principles in our values tunnel

Peter's wife, Kathy

Mid-Atlantic's ISO 9002 celebration

Mid-Atlantic Team

Mid-Atlantic Team with Clarence

Peter and Katie

Peter and Katie

Young Katie on the phone

Peter and Katie floating

Peter and Katie floating

Peter and Kathy in Singapore


Happy New Year 2016 to my Vietnam Friends

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