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Peter's Philosophy #1

Are you working at your full potential?

Probably not, according to Robert Cooper, author of several books on the subject of emotional intelligence. There are many hidden barriers that block us from being our best in life and work. The big ones we all recognize are: mistrust and feeling invisible; focusing on competing rather than excelling; focusing on fixing a weakness rather than developing a strength or talent; and negative self talk or other self imposed limits.

It is estimated that at least half of work time is wasted on theatrics and 40% of work life may be wasted or compromised due to an emphasis in competing rather than excelling. To excel is “to stand out from the crowd,” “to run your own race” and “to reach beyond”. Compare yourself to the best of what is possible, rather than to what others are doing. Unlocking your untapped potential is all about taking initiative. Trust becomes a major issue, especially as you realize that no one has to lose for you to win.

According to Dr. Cooper, we must know about each other to build trust, commitment and initiative. But first, you have to know yourself. What are your distinguishing values, strengths, passions, talents? What three words describe you at your best? Now ask yourself, how many minutes over the past month did you live these words? Start looking for the uniqueness in yourself and others.


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